Caroline Conner

Caroline Conner creating a cheeseboard for Lyon Wine tastings

Living my French Fantasy through wine, food, travel and Lyon life.

Welcome to WineDineCaroline, my site where you can book one of my awesome Lyon wine tastings and read about food, wine, travel, and my French fantasy life.

Caroline Conner teaching Lyon Wine Tastings

Wine Tasting in Lyon

My tastings are approachable, fun, and educational wine tastings in English.  Learn about wine analysis, grapes, winemaking, and local history, all in the heart of Lyon. Discover Beaujolais, Burgundy, Rhône, and more all in one afternoon with Lyon Wine Tastings.

There’s only one of me, so whoever books first picks what tasting we’re doing that day.

Don’t hesitate to email or call me if you aren’t seeing a time that works for you.

Burgundy, Beaujolais, Rhône

FYI my favorite class to run is Wines of Lyon, which highlights 7 wines from a minimum of 4 regions that surround Lyon. It’s super cool.

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