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Corkscrews to AVOID!

bad corkscrew

This! Omg…. throw it away now. It’s… like… it’s SO BAD.

They are terrible and lame and they don’t work.

I had to borrow one from my videographer in order to make this video because they are the worst and I don’t own one.

So get rid of it! You can do better than this.


GOOD corkscrews!

This is the kind of corkscrew I recommend. You probably see them in restaurants, hence their name “waiter’s friend.” They are great for so many reasons, mostly because they are pocket-sized, they are better at fulfilling their main purpose (of opening wine!), and also because you can put them in carry-on luggage (Disclaimer: DON’T TAKE THEM ON A PLANE).

good corkscrew

How do you you it?

It’s definitely easiest if you watch the video, but I will try and describe it as best I can here:

  • Open up the corkscrew device.
  • Using the knife, cut around the lip of the covering on the top of the bottle. (You should then be able to pull this off easily)
  • Stick in the screw at a slight angle to make sure it will bury into the wine cork.
  • Now point the screw straight down and begin to twist the screw into the cork.
  • Stop twisting when you can see only two spirals left at the top.
  • At the opposite end from the knife, notice a metal piece with two notches.
  • Place the first notch onto the side of the wine bottle opening and pull upward. (The cork should come out half-way)
  • Now, place the second notch onto the side of the bottle and pull upward again. (This should pop out the cork)

And voila! You have opened your wine bottle!

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy! :)

wine corks