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The More You Know, The Better You Drink

  • Wine is confusing and intimidating, but you love it so much and want to know more!
  • You feel like you never know what you're going to get in the bottle
  • Even when you've tried to learn about it at tastings or vineyard visits, you never seem to get anywhere
  • You just want to know what makes a good wine, so you never regret what you're drinking
  • You want to understand all the wine lingo, know the different grapes and countries, and understand why wines taste the way they do
  • You want to be CONFIDENT about your wine choices, and know that you're knowledgable about this thing that you love

You can be a knowledgable, confident wine connoisseur

Everything You Need to Know About Wine

A 6 module online wine course that teaches wine lovers, well, everything they need to know about wine!

I walk you through the essential concepts, topics, grapes, and places that you need to know to be confident navigating this big world of wine.

Using my signature at-home wine tasting method, you'll develop your palate and become a wine connoisseur.

BONUS: Wondering how you'll manage at home tasting without pouring tons of wine down the drain? I've got you covered, keep reading.

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You've tried learning about wine before

but nothing ever really stuck.

It feels like no matter what tastings you've gone to, or vineyards you've visited, you never really "get" it.

The truth is that if you want to learn about wine, you have to do the work!

Lucky for you, it's a delicious, interesting job.

Learning about wine requires LOTS of tasting, taking notes, and yes, spitting.

No more wasting time and money on bad wine, let's get serious!

perouges caroline

Hey, I'm Caroline!

I used to feel anxious in the wine aisle, totally overwhelmed by the foreign language that is wine. Literally, a lot of is it in a foreign language!

But then I became a wine expert by doing a ton of tasting.

When I was in college at the University of Oxford I did competitive blind tasting competitions, which was a pretty unique experience!

What I've learned in the ensuing 10+ years is that all the comparative tasting is really what set me apart and gave me a huge head start.

Now, at 33, I live in France and am a wine coach online and in person here in Lyon.

I have my Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma and am studying to become a Master of Wine, the highest qualification in the world!

I developed this program to help wine lovers gain confidence and knowledge in a short amount of time like I did, so they can shop smart and drink well for life.

What You'll Learn

WDC – Icons-50

1 - How to Taste Wine

In this module I'll teach you signature method for comparative wine tasting at home so you can follow along with the tasting exercises throughout the course.

WDC – Icons-51

2 - Serving & Storage

Module 2 is all about the practical stuff, you'll learn the best practices for keeping your wine, what wine gadgets you actually need, and making the most out of wine service.

WDC – Icons-56

3 - Wine Production

This is where we get into the juicy slideshows. I'll teach you what goes on in the vineyard and the winery in order to create all the different styles and types of wine.

WDC – Icons-52

4 - Major Grape Varieties

Here you'll learn the must know, ultra important white and red grape varieties that define the modern wine industry.

WDC – Icons-63

5 - Wine Countries

This is the big one, where I'll explain wine classification systems, and then guide you through the major wine producing countries of Europe and the rest of the world.

WDC – Icons-55

6 - The Wine Market

Finally, we finish up with an overview of the global wine trade, where I'll put everything we've learned into context and looking towards the future of the wine world.


This course consists of 6 modules and 10 wine tasting exercises in video format.

Each module comes with PDF downloads and transcripts.

I give you a shopping list of 24 classic wines that you can find anywhere (substitutions are fine!) and a set of 10 wine tasting exercises that use those wines in different combinations.

Now I know it's crazy to expect you to open 6 bottles of wine at a time, nobody wants to waste wine!

That's why I've partnered with Repour Wine Saver, amazing wine stoppers that absorb oxygen and keep your wine fresh for the duration of the course (and beyond).

To keep you from wasting a drop of wine, I will send you 30 Repours as an enrollment gift.

They really are remarkably good!


What my students say

Suddenly I know things

I used to feel like I would never understand wine. I didn't have any confidence about what I did know. Since I did this course, I can give advice and pick out wines to buy or pair. I suddenly realized that I do know things. My girlfriend told me the other day that I know a LOT more about wine than she does, and lately she asks my advice and trusts me for pairings and wine choices and advice. She's French, so that makes me feel pretty cool!


Now I can explain why

I have definitely learned a lot and certainly have a better appreciation of white wines having been a mostly red wine drinker.  I feel a little more confident and certainly confirmed that I like the big reds!  But now I can explain a little better why! I pay more attention to what I buy - reading the labels and understanding them better.  I feel that I can make more informed choices about what to drink with different food.


Gave me new insight

I wasn't sure how an online wine course would go, but Caroline was extremely knowledgeable and informative in a very layman term sort of way. She took the intimidation factor out of wine tasting and gave me new insight and ways to think about what I was drinking.


This is really the gift that keeps on giving

wine gift

Thinking of that special someone who would love to learn more about wine?

It's never a bad idea to have a wine expert close at hand!

Everything You Need to Know About Wine is a truly life changing gift for any wine lover this holiday season.

Gifting options are available!

Do it with a partner for just $100 more!

Pay in Full

Best Value


Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments


Everything You Need to Know About Wine is a fabulous gift for the wine lover in your life! Yes you can!

This course is best enjoyed with a partner in crime! That's why I offer a $100 partner bump, which will give you both access to the course.

I'd recommend giving yourself at least 6 weeks to complete the course, but it's up to you!

Unfortunately I can't include wine because it's *very* complicated, every state (not to mention country!) has its own wine rules, and I think a really important part of becoming a wine guru is learning how to shop for wine yourself!


You can be a wine expert, and I can't wait to be your guide. Drink better, forever!

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