You can be someone who knows a lot about wine.

(Without being annoying or snobby about it πŸ˜…)

Wine can seem really overwhelming, I know!

🍷 You've been to plenty of tastings before

🍷 You've visited tons of vineyards, lucky you!

🍷 But you never seem to retain what you've learned *SPOILER ALERT: DRUNK*

I'm here to finally make it stick!



6 Weeks to Wine Confidence

A LIVE group tasting program that will take you

from wine lover to wine connoisseur.

with Wine Dine Caroline


❌ confusing

❌ intimidating

❌ overwhelming


🍾 understandable

🍾 interesting

🍾 exciting

online wine course teacher

Hi, I'm Caroline!

I'm an expert wine coach who packed up her real life wine tasting business and zipped straight into your computer about a year ago when *you know who* came to town.

I've been in this world for a long time, and I know how annoying wine snobbery can be.

And you tell me all the time how wine information goes in one ear and out the other!

That's why I'm here to share with you my foolproof Wine Confidence Method.Β 

It's how I learned about wine, and it's how you can, too!


The Wine Confidence Method

My journey as a wine educator wasn't straightforward. In fact, I spent a solid decade doing other jobs in the wine industry before I got to teaching.

As I was mulling over how my students could learn the maximum about wine in the short time we had together, a lightbulb went off.

Well, how did I learn about wine?

I did a hell of a lot of comparative wine tasting.

During my undergrad at Oxford, I joined the Blind Wine Tasting Society and I tasted multiple wines side by side every week with a gang of fellow nerds.

Even though I eventually did all the fancy wine qualifications, that tasting experience is where I got my foundational wine knowledge.

πŸ’‘ Ding ding! πŸ’‘

I went from knowing literally nothing about wine to winning our competition in just one year.

Comparative tasting is the fastest way to increase your wine knowledge, and guess what, it's also super fun!

My Signature Comparative Tasting Program in combination with a clear, accessible presentation of the important facts about regions and grapes is the recipe for the Wine Confidence Method.


6 Weeks to Wine Confidence


The Course:

At the beginning of each week you'll get access to the recorded videos from my comprehensive wine course Everything You Need to Know About Wine

This includes video slideshows and transcripts, PDF guides, super cute maps, and quizzes.Β 

This is the foundational material that will teach you the important facts about wine before we meet live to work through our tastings together.

The Signature Tasting Program:

Then we'll meet up over the weekend to taste together.

We'll taste 6 wines each week, comparing them to each other to fine tune your palates.Β 

This will be a gallery-view Zoom where you can ask me your questions real time, and I'll talk you through the tasting.

In total you'll taste 18 wines, comparing them in different combinations.

"I went from feeling awkward and confused in a wine shop to looking forward to my visits. I can actually talk to the people working there now and have an informed conversation. I am now the go-to wine person in my social circle, even including my partner's family, and they're French!" - Milena S.


WDC – Icons-51
Week 1

Wine Tasting & Practical Stuff

To open the program you'll learn how to taste wine using my Signature Comparative Tasting Program. This will be the basis for each of our live Zoom wine tastings.

In this module you'll also learn about wine service and storage, the practical stuff that you need to know to make the most out of your wine.

Week 1 Live Tasting is on Sunday, June 13th at 2pm EST

WDC – Icons-50
Week 2

Understanding Wine Production

In this module you'll learn about the different styles of wine and how they are made. You'll understand how what goes on in the vineyard and the winery affects the final taste of the wine in your glass.

I'll teach you about red, white, rosΓ©, sparkling, sweet, and fortified wines.

Week 2 Live Tasting is on Sunday, June 20th at 2pm EST

WDC – Icons-52
Week 3

Essential White Grapes

Dive deep into white wine in all its glory.

Learn about the world's most important white grapes, where to find them, and what they taste like.

Week 3 Live Tasting is on Saturday, June 26th at 2pm EST

WDC – Icons-56
Week 4

Essential Red Grapes

Now it's time for those reds!

In this module you'll learn all about the essential red grapes, where to find them, and what they taste like.

Week 4 Live Tasting is on Saturday, July 3rd at 2pm EST

WDC – Icons-55
Week 5

Great Wine Regions of Europe

Let's dive deep into the classification systems and wines of Europe.

This is a whole big can of worms, which is why I leave it till later in the program! You'll leave this module understanding how European wine labels work and wtf they actually mean!

Week 5 Live Tasting is on Sunday, July 11th at 2pm EST

WDC – Icons-63
Week 6

Amazing Wine Regions Outside of Europe

This module will teach you all about the epic wines found in the rest of the world to round out your wine knowledge.

We'll cover the USA, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Week 6 Live Tasting is on Sunday, July 18th at 2pm EST

If you wanna learn about wine...

You've got to taste!

That's why I created my Signature Comparative Tasting Program!

I work with Repour Wine Saver andΒ send you 30 wine stoppers that protect your wine for days, weeks, or even months!

These Repours are included in the program.

They allow you to taste the same 18 bottles, in different combinations, for all 6 weeks of the program (and beyond)!


Praise for Caroline's Wine Programs


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Caroline basically synthesizes her 14 years of experience in the wine industry into an approachable and non-stuffy format that helps people gain confidence in their wine knowledge. Her online tastings are fun and irreverent. I have a blast AND become a better taster all at the same time!"


British Columbia, Canada

What a great idea to share a virtual wine tasting with people from around the world. Caroline shared wonderful tips on how to taste and evaluate wine as well as sharing information about each of the wines! Caroline is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about wine and her enthusiasm is contagious. Well done, Caroline!


New Haven, CT, USA

My friends and I did a virtual wine tasting from our homes in U.S. I’m a novice and Caroline kept her lessons shade free and was able to connect with everyone and help us understand and appreciate more about the wines we were drinking. Thankful to have fun activities in these quarantine times.

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