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Why choose Lyon Wine Tastings over a Wine Tour?

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Lyon Wine Tastings take place in central Lyon, no cars, no translators, just wine!

As much fun as it is to visit the vineyards, you don’t always have the time or the resources to make it happen. Let’s be honest, driving in Lyon is a nightmare! And trying to organize a visit and communicate with winemakers who don’t speak English also isn’t the most fun way to spend your vacation.

Of course there are some amazing wine tour operators that will take you to the vineyards and show you around, but they are (justifiably, in my opinion) expensive and that sort of thing takes up a big chunk of your day.

Wine Tastings in Lyon

My wine tastings take place in central Lyon, in my delightful early 1800s silk factory turned modern loft apartment. Head up the “Hill that Works” to the Croix-Rousse neighborhood. The Croix-Rousse is its own little village, with a world class food market, independent merchants and artisans, and some killer views over the city. It’s by far the best and most wonderful place in the city, and I’m not biased or anything.

people toasting wine at a wine tasting with a cheese board

Tasting Wine in an authentic Lyonnais “Canut”

location Lyon Wine Tastings

My guests often tell me they were a little freaked out by coming to someone’s apartment, but how happy they are that they decided to come anyway! Let’s just open with: I have air conditioning. That’s right people, sweet, sweet A/C.

But this apartment is so much more than that, it’s me living my French Fantasy and sharing it with you. When you come to my house to do your wine tasting, you won’t only learn about the incredible local wines we have around Lyon, but wine in general, history of wine and Lyon, and expat life in France.

Wine Tasting in Lyon

When you arrive at mine, you’ll be greeted with bubbles as we introduce ourselves. Groups max out at 8, that’s how many I can fit around my table! It’s always such a pleasure to see how each group flows, and watch as people make new friends from around the world over the course of the wine tasting.

We taste comparatively, that means you’ll have multiple glasses in front of you at the same time. I think comparing the wines allows us to delve deeper into wine tasting technique, and shows off how unique each wine is. Yes, it means a lot of dishes for me afterwards, but it’s worth it.

Caroline Conner running Lyon Wine Tastings

Each tasting is different, and I choose the wines from my cellar each time depending upon how I’m feeling that day. All wines are from small producers, chosen for being typical examples of their origin, representing high quality farming and winemaking. I buy directly from the wineries so I can meet the winemakers and get to know their stories, as well as to visit the land and see the farming practices in place. I only work with nice people who are making good wine!

There’s always food, and it’s always extremely good if I do say so myself. Meat comes from Charcuterie Sibilia, the long time Queen of Lyon’s charcuterie scene. Cheese comes from the inimitable Fromagerie Galland. Mr Galland gets frustrated with me because I choose the same things over and over again, and I have to explain to him that I’m trying to pick local cheeses and that Americans are often scared of intense cheeses! #notallAmericans

Your Wine Educator Caroline

Caroline Conner holding a bottle of bubbles

I’m super qualified to do this because I’ve spent over a decade studying wine and working in hospitality. I am a big nerd who loves talking about the things I’m passionate and knowledgable about. I’m not a wine snob, and I will do lots of real talk about wine, the industry, and pretty much everything. Talking to people about my favorite thing and getting paid to do it is really me living my best life.

They love me, they really love me!

Look, the proof is in the pudding. Even though they’re billed as 2 hours, nobody ever wants to leave their tasting, so really you should just come and try it for yourself. Check out my TripAdvisor reviews!

When you book online, your date may not be available. I am super flexible, so it’s always worth calling, texting, or emailing me to see if we can make it work!

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