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Want to try something fun and different for your next team-building event in Lyon?

Lyon Wine Tastings is happy to present blind wine tasting and wine education corporate events.

Please get in touch to organize your team-building event. All events will be custom designed to suit your group.

Learn more about your host, Caroline Conner.

For groups of up to 8, consider the Wines of Lyon tasting to build camaraderie.

Lyon Wine Tastings Corporate Events

Wine Tasting Lyon Team Building

  • Blind wine tasting uses all your senses
  • Engage in wine analysis games to encourage teamwork
  • Win fun prizes while learning about wine!
  • Get to know Lyon and France with wine education team building

Groups will be broken up into small teams. We’ll start by teaching the basics of blind wine tasting technique, before assessing the wines in front of us. Each team will be presented with a selection of options, before submitting a group tasting note and answering a quiz to decide which wine is which.

Prizes will be awarded for the most correct answers, as well as the silliest wine description. All participants will receive a small gift at the end of the session.

Spittoons are provided for optional spitting. Serving sizes and number of wines will be discussed during the planning stages for your team building event.

Events take place in Central Lyon, I will make arrangements with conference spaces, restaurants, or hotels to find the right room for your team.

A Lyon team building wine tasting will be the highlight of your business trip!

Lyon Wine Tastings is an official partner of the Lyon Tourism Office.

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