Missing travel so bad that you ... go to the post office to line up with your suitcase!

Feeling a bit like your wings have been clipped? Craving the anticipation and excitement of whizzing through an airport to get to your gate just in time to board your flight for your next big adventure? You are NOT alone!

You are an explorer and collector of experiences, and let’s be honest, there are only so many times you can hit up the spare bedroom just to switch things up. You miss that sense of freedom. The experience of the new and unknown.

 You long for the thrill of standing in a market, the smells of new spices and foods in the air, the hustle and bustle of locals just going about their daily routines.

You need something fruity and tropical!

A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc will bring back those exotic flavors you have been missing!

It is a tropical escape in a bottle! New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is one of those wines that is so aromatic it smacks you in the face. You can’t get away from it! It has an intoxicating smell of passion fruit and mangos.

The wondrous, juicy, and zesty flavor profile will fill your taste buds with tropical fruit and transport you to a beautiful island with crystal waters and the perfect breeze. SO good for drinking on its own, but it also goes deliciously with spicy Asian foods!

Next time you are feeling that urge to jump on a plane, cook up some easy Pad Thai and grab a glass (or bottleful) of New Zealand Sauv Blanc!

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