Everything You Need to Know About Wine

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Wine doesn’t have to be intimidating, it’s really not harder to learn than 8th grade history.

Except way, way more fun. No offense Mr. Brown.

You love wine,

You drink it regularly, you spend more than you want to admit on it, but you still feel like you don’t really …

get” it.

You’ve visited vineyards on vacation, you’ve loved wine tastings, but all that wine learnin’ just seems to disappear the next day.

Wine feels intimidating and confusing, like some unknowable thing that only fancy people understand.

Guess what?

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Learning wine should be

Imagine how baller you’d feel reading a wine list…

Understanding what it all means, and having a cool conversation with your somm.

Imagine going to the store, looking at a wall of wine, and feeling excited to make your choice.

Imagine the simple joy of deeper appreciation for this thing you already love.

I get it, wine talk feels like gobbledygook.

Let’s be real.

Not only does it sound like it’s in another language

…but a lot of it…

is actually in another language.

Everything You Need to Know About Wine

. . . is a 6 module online wine course that teaches beginners, well, everything you need to know about wine!

I walk you through the essential concepts, topics, grapes, and places that you need to know to be confident navigating this big world of wine.

Using my signature at-home wine tasting method, you’ll develop your palate and come away feeling like a badass wine connoisseur.

Everyone starts as a beginner!

If you wanna learn about wine…

You’ve got to taste!

That’s why I’ve developed a new method for doing educational tastings at home.

I work with Repour Wine Saver

an amazing new wine stopper that protects your wine for days, weeks, or even months!

So you can taste without waste, at your own pace.



Everything You Need to Know About Wine

to be confident and curious for the rest of your life

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Hey, I’m Caroline!

I’m a California girl living her French fantasy in Lyon, the culinary capital of France.

I’m a wine teacher with over a decade of experience working within food and wine. I trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu in London, and did my Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma after that (it’s a BFD in the wine biz, I promise). Right now I’m studying to become a Master of Wine, the highest qualification in the ENTIRE WORLD. No pressure.

My goal in life is to take everything I’ve jammed into my brain in the past 13 years and make it accessible and fun for normal people like you.

Wine is for everyone, and I really believe that if you’re a wine lover, learning more about wine will make your life better!


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You’ll get . . .

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6 Modules

You’ll learn how to taste wine, the practicalities of service and storage, how wine is made, the major grape varieties, the important wine countries, and how it all fits together.

wine tasting note

10 Comparative Tastings

Using my signature Comparative Tasting Method, you’ll taste 24 different wines in 10 combinations of 6, a total of 60 glasses of wine.

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30 Repours

I’ll send you 30 Repours so you can go through the program without wasting a drop of wine.

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Lifetime Access

Enjoy these materials at your own pace!

“I always assumed my girlfriend knew more about wine just because she was French. I didn’t have any confidence about what I did know. Since I started this course, I’ve been finding myself able to give advice and pick out wines to buy or pair. I suddenly realized that I do know things. My girlfriend told me the other day that I know a LOT more about wine than she does, and lately she asks my advice and trusts me for pairings and wine choices and advice. Honestly I feel pretty cool.”

online wine course

You’re ready to be confident with wine, but you feel like you’ll never get there!


“How do I learn about wine online?”

“Why would the vocab and knowledge stick this time?”

“Wtf does minerality smell like? That’s not a thing!*”


I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re starting to seriously learn about wine for the first time. If you don’t have a guide to follow, it can be easy to just forget, lose track, and never end up feeling like you actually learned something. Without being taught clearly, and learning about wine with intention, it’s really hard to get anywhere!

*it’s totally a thing

This course is for you if:

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This course is NOT for you if:

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Caroline is knowledgeable, friendly, and very approachable on what can be an intimidating (and pretentious) subject. I’m already looking forward to doing her next course soon!


Caroline has a lovely and easy spirit about her even whilst explaining advanced wine tasting techniques to novices.


I wasn’t sure how an online wine course would go, but Caroline was extremely knowledgeable and informative in a very layman term sort of way. She took the intimidation factor out of wine tasting and gave me new insight and ways to think about what I was drinking. 


Featuring 6 modules and my signature comparative wine tasting method where you can taste without waste.

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1 – How to Taste Wine

In this module you’ll learn my signature method for comparative wine tasting at home so you can follow along with the tasting exercises throughout the course.

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2 – Serving & Storage

Module 2 is all about the practical stuff, best practices for keeping your wine, what wine gadgets you actually need, and making the most out of wine service.

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3 – Wine Production

This is where we get into the juicy slideshows. We’ll dive into what goes on in the vineyard and the winery in order to create all the different styles and types of wine.

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4 – Major Grape Varieties

Here we’ll cover the must know, ultra important white and red grape varieties that define the modern wine industry.

WDC - Icons-63

5 – Wine Countries

This is the big one, where I’ll explain wine classification systems, and then dive into the major wine producing countries of Europe and the rest of the world.

WDC - Icons-55

6 – The Wine Market

Finally, we finish up with an overview of the global wine trade, putting everything we’ve learned into context and looking towards the future of the wine world.

Wanna be a wine person? You gotta learn to taste.

What makes Everything You Need to Know About Wine so extra special?

Why, thanks for asking!

The thing that makes this course so groundbreaking, and really means that you will achieve wine expertise by the end is . . . drumroll please . . .


With my Comparative Wine Tasting Method, you’re assigned a 6-wine tasting each week for 10 weeks (and module 1 is all about teaching you how to actually do wine tasting, so don’t worry, that’s covered). Don’t worry, even though I recommend you do it in 10 weeks, this is a self-study course, so you never have to worry about being “behind”!

Each tasting includes prompts to think about while you’re expanding your palate, and by the end you’ll have tasted 60 wines.

Don’t worry! Of course not!

That’s where my Comparative Wine Tasting Method really shines

I’ve created a shopping list of 24 classic wines (which is 2 cases, not that bad ok?) and each comparative tasting pulls from that list.

The list isn’t specific, I don’t make you get specific producers, or years, or anything like that.

Examples include “Argentinian Malbec” and “Champagne”, get it?

These are wines you can easily get, wherever you are, according to your budget, and substitutions are no big deal cause the point is about comparing different wines side by side, not worrying about specific individual wines.

COMPARATIVE TASTING IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN REALLY DEVELOP YOUR PALATE! You just can’t learn about wine without doing comparative tasting! ?‍♀️

Here’s where the magic bonus comes in.

With your FREE Repours, you can open a bottle for a tasting, and then stop it back up again for another tasting in a month, it literally will be fine.

Taste without waste, at your own pace.

Everything You Need to Know About Wine

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Pay in Full – Save $103!


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Payment Plan – 6 Payments

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