Binging Forensic Files Even Though It Gives You Nightmares

You are a party in a box! All of your besties enjoy your witty outlook and your contagious laugh! You are a storyteller and when you are on, you are on fire!

But you cannot underestimate the power of some good-ole down time! Your go-to binge is definitely a good murder mystery, which you watch huddled up on your cozy couch, or maybe in bed, with cozy blankets to pull up over your eyes at the scariest parts.  

Nothing pairs with terrifying television quite like half a pint of Ben 'n Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie straight from the tub.

Now this is a tough pairing because sweet things can make wine taste sour so we want to go with a really juicy, fruity red with a little sugar.

Three cheers for Zinfandel!

A California Zin will help you wash down your fear with a high ABV that'll put you right to sleep. Jammy fruit will compliment your chocolate delicacy nicely, and you'll give yourself a food coma that will let you sleep through your nightmares.

You're welcome!

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Meet Caroline

I'm the snobbery free wine teacher you never knew you needed. My goal is to teach you everything you need to know about wine so that you can be confident and curious, and never feel anxious about wine again.

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