Feeling Frisky After Watching Bridgerton But You're All Alone

We’ve all been there… you’re out there, living your best life, just doin’ you! You aren’t afraid to live life solo, you don’t need a partner weighing you down. 

But let’s face it, we all have needs. And when they come up, there can be a certain sense of, ahem, frustration. I got you! 

The next time you find yourself fantasizing about a sexy Duke or Duchess whisking you off your feet, try turning to a delicious


Provençal Rosé!

Provençal Rosé is the godfather of all premium rosé. It's the big daddy. They've been making it forever but with the early 2000s cult of celebrity it blew up when Brangelina bought Château Miraval.

This super pale rosé is made from red grapes, a blend of Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault and more. The fun thing about this Rosé, is its actually red grapes made like white wine. Unlike with red wine making, where the gunk and the juice sit together in order to pull out color and chew, with Provençal rosé the red grapes are directly pressed, thus producing a very pale colored wine.

It's light, refreshing, with a little bit of citrus, red berries, and floral aromas. It's the perfect wine to take you back to that long-ago night at the seaside.

Pair it with a sexy someone and some ice cubes. 😉

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