Going to a Restaurant By Yourself (ok your dog can come too)

As a single lady living my best life, sometimes I just really love to go and get a decadent steak to eat by myself. This is because I do whatever I want, all the time!

When I'm feeling in the mood to treat myself, I love to head to a restaurant and order steak and French fries.

Of course it's gotta be red wine with this meal, and what better to pair than an

Argentinian Malbec?!

Malbec is a funny grape, it originates from France where it is grown in the Cahors region of Southwest France, and it used to be a big part of the Bordeaux blend. It wasn't very popular, and in the 20th Century, it really wasn't very good.

In the meantime, the Argentinians were loving it up and planting it at mega-high altitude at the base of the Andes near Mendoza, where it totally thrived!

Now these are meat people and they love their steaks, so it makes sense that they are also all about this bold, juicy red.

Argentinian Malbec varies a lot in quality, but you'll find that even the cheap ones are really good value. If you do want to get something spectacular, go up a price point and you won't be mad!

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