Going to Sephora for One Thing Spending $600

Your Perfect Pairing

You know who you are and exactly what you deserve, spoiler alert, it’s only the BEST things life has to offer. High-end fashion and luxury items are your passion.

By this point, with everything going on, it's time to celebrate unashamedly! No matter the occasion you deserve that makeup, the outfit, the shoes, AND

YOU deserve some nice Champagne to go with it.

Champagne is always a go-to for the fancy boss lady about town because it's the fanciest wine in the world! So, what is Champagne all about?

Most importantly, Champagne comes from the Champagne region of France. Like most French wine, the name on the label is a place rather than a grape variety.

All Champagne is made from these three grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. Most Champagne is a combination of all three, yes, they make this white wine with red grapes through very gentle pressing!

The way they do it is like this. They make a normal, if sour, base wine each year. They blend it up with previous reserve wines to create their House Style, which is unique to each brand. When you see the initials NV on a label, that means non-vintage, or a blend of years.

Then they bottle it, add a mixture of yeast and sugar, put a beer cap on it, and let it hang out for over a year! During this time it undergoes a second fermentation, where the yeast eats the sugar and produces more alcohol and, you guessed it, bubbles. The yeast dies and then kind of decomposes into the wine, giving Champagne its distinctive yeasty, toasty, fabulous brioche thing.

After that there's a whole debacle with turning and twisting the bottles to gently slide the sediment down to the opening so it won't cloud up your wine. These days we do that with machines but in some places there still are little old men scuttling around caves turning bottles by hand!

So you can see why it's expensive, it takes a lot of time and work to make!

Often the most complex wines pair with very simple food. In this case, I think our post-sephora moment deserves some briny, salty, chewy oysters!

Champagne and oysters are a classic, there's something savory about Champagne that pairs so nicely with salty oysters, and the textural contrast is just delightful!

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