Scrolling through Facebook and Accidentally Clicking "Like" On An Old Picture of Your Ex

Eek we've all been here. I feel this hard.

Here you are, just minding your business, creeping your ex (cause who doesn’t). It’s not like you’re still INTO them or anything, you just like to check up, and ya know… see if they are still single, when that thumb of yours slips and you feel your stomach drop. So you chuck your phone across the room, pull your hoodie up around your face and reach for a bottle of something. 

The only way to pair a mortifying experience like this is with something very strong, and very funky, so the answer must be...


I know you're thinking "ew my grandma used to drink that stuff" but hear me out. I'm not talking about Gladys's sweetened brown stuff in a tiny crystal glass, I'm talking about the weird and wonderful drink that is Manzanilla Sherry.

Manzanilla Sherry comes from a tiny town on the Atlantic coast of Spain called Sanlucar, where white wines are fortified and aged in a really special way to produce a super intense, savory, nutty, unlike-anything-you've-ever-tasted freakshow of a wine.

First they make a normal white wine and then they add brandy to it, which kicks that ABV up to around 16% (which is exactly the right amount of alcohol for liking a pic of your ex's new girlfriend's sister's graduation family photo.)

Then the natural yeast that lives in these giant ageing warehouses kicks in and the wines sit around and age under a thick layer of this special yeast called "flor". The flor protects the wine while it ages, so instead of oxidizing and going brown and turning into vinegar, it becomes oxidified (pedantic vocabulary alert!) but it stays pale and fresh and turns into this wild and wonderful thing!

It smells like almonds and lemons and acetone and socks and is definitely an acquired taste. It pairs beautifully with crispy crunchy things that you eat instead of dinner when you're by the beach, you know?

I think in this case since you're not by the beach, instead you're cringing into a hoodie you shoulda washed last week, it'll have to be paired with green olives fresh from that jar in the back of your fridge that is currently the only vegetable in your house.

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