Slow Dancing in The Living Room with Your Partner After the Kids are in Bed.

You and your partner are head-over-heels in L-O-V-E! You have developed a nightly routine that allows you to be cozy together, while getting in some quality time. It isn’t always easy to keep the spark alive with all the demands of parenting, work, and well… life in general

Your date nights out are typically wine at home and nights out are reserved for special occasions, like a birthday or anniversary. Otherwise, you are both mostly content with your tried-and-true nightly traditions!


Even though I know you love your California Red Blend that you pick up by the caseload - I want you to

give Bordeaux a chance!

This is the OG red blend, a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and some other random grapes. Even though it sounds fancy, it actually covers a whole spectrum of price points, so you never have to break the bank.

Discovering Bordeaux will open up your eyes to French wine, and let you travel through your glass with your partner, even when you're just sitting at home.

And if you want to make the evening extra special, why not try cooking duck breast? It's a traditional dish from this part of France, and it's stupid easy to make. It’s extra romantic cause ducks are huge so one duck breast serves two, awww!

To cook duck breast you'll want to score the skin through the fat in a criss-cross (it helps to freeze the breast for 10 minutes before you do this, keeps the fat hard). Salt and pepper that baby then put it fat side down in a COLD cast iron or non-stick skillet. Crank up the heat to medium and watch the melt.

You'll want to keep a little bowl next to the skillet so you can pour off the fat as it renders, and don't you dare throw that away. Duck fat is liquid gold! You can press on the breast with tongs as it cooks to keep it kinda flat and make sure the skin gets nice and crispy.

Next flip it and sear the other side. You can keep flipping it till it reaches 135 internally, that's when it's perfect and pink and wonderful.

While that is happening, dice a shallot as finely as you can, and get a jar of your fav jam (cherry jam is my personal preference) or marmalade out and crack into that bottle of Bordeaux!

Remove it from the pan and tent it with foil, and pour out any more of the fat, leaving a tiny bit behind.

Fry the diced shallot in the fat, it won't take long, and then add a glug or two of that Bordeaux and a spoonful of jam. This should evaporate pretty quickly leaving you with a couple of tablespoons of sauce, add a pat of cold butter off the heat and whisk it in. You did it. A fancy pan sauce!

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