3 Ways to Boycott Amazon for your Christmas Shopping

I’m eschewing Amazon for local, ethical Christmas gifts this year. Boycotting Amazon is one of my major goals for 2020, and it’s hard here in Lyon where I can’t buy English books!

Christmas Amazon Boycott!

Who is ready for the dumpster fire that was the 2010s to be over? This girl! As you know, part of my best French life is all about that local lifestyle.

After all that we know about neo-liberal capitalism and gig economics and how mega-corporations pay no federal taxes and get away with exploiting everybody and everything, I think it’s time to give a big middle finger to Amazon.

Here are 5 ways that I am actively saying F*CK YOU to Amazon this holiday season.

1. Buy Local Christmas Gifts

Good, talented people make delicious and/or wonderful things all around you. This year I’ve bought the gifts I’ll be bringing to my boyfriend’s enormous family (lots of gifts) from local, independently run shops. Put your money where your values are!

Sebastien Bouillet macaron dipped in chocolate
These are salted caramel macarons enrobed in dark chocolate by Sebastien Bouillet. I get them a block away from my house.

2. Make Things

I will also be making Pancake Mix from the always fabulous Stella Parks at Serious Eats.

This is a great present that will be very cute. It’s a simple recipe that relies on malted milk powder and refined coconut oil as its secret ingredients to create a super easy DIY pancake mix. I also got tiny bottles that I’ll be filling with real Canadian maple syrup that my friend smuggled in for me. Adorable.

pancake mix for christmas
Who doesn’t love pancakes?

3. Make a Phone Call

My family will be spending Christmas in Colorado, so of course, Amazon would have been the easy choice. But since I am actively trying not to give money to a company that ruins everything, I made a different and admittedly slightly more long-winded choice.

Instead of being lazy AF, I called up the local bookstore in Edwards, Colorado. The Bookworm is a great shop that my family has loved for years. I got their email, and sent them a list of my family members as well as a sentence about each person’s reading habits. They wrote back to me within a day with a few options for each person. I replied and will be calling them this afternoon to pay over the phone.

Is it more difficult than ordering on Amazon? Yes. Is it worth it? A thousand times yes. Not only do I get to support a wonderful local bookstore that we all love, but I get to enjoy the feeling of defiance that comes with the minor inconvenience of having to go through a couple of simple steps to get my family books for Christmas.

shopping local for christmas
Real photo of my mom’s dog Jordi last year

So let’s head into 2020 with the knowledge that we are sticking it to Amazon and ever closer to burning it all down to the mother f*cking ground! Merry Christmas!

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