1pm EST, Sunday, February 14th, 2020

Want to celebrate Valentine's Day like the wine witch you are?

Join tarot reader and teacher Sabrina Scott and wine teacher Caroline Conner for a pink love fest on V-Day.

We'll start by cheersing over a glass of rosé, before being led by Caroline through a pink wine masterclass. She'll teach us the different types of rosé, how they're made, where they're from, what they taste like, and why they're awesome.

After we've got our wine flowing we can let the magic flow, with Sabrina guiding us through an exploration of the different love cards in the tarot deck. She'll cover what the love cards mean, techniques for reading about love, and share a 2021 love reading for the group!

This FREE session will be double the fun, what's not to love about wine and witches? Register today!

Hi, I'm Sabrina


I’m a no-BS spiritual teacher and tarot reader with clients and students worldwide.

What I share about magic and witchcraft is based on both my years of spirit work and my thorough knowledge of the history of witchcraft and the philosophy of science, spirituality, and environment.

At the moment I am working on multiple book projects, and developing new online courses on magic and tarot professionalization.

I teach people how to get in touch with themselves and their own power through spirituality with integrity and am based in Toronto.

Hey, I'm Caroline


I'm a California girl living her French fantasy in Lyon, the culinary capital of France.

I'm a wine teacher with over a decade of experience working within food and wine. I'm training to become Master of Wine, the highest qualification in the world!

My goal in life is to take everything I've jammed into my brain in the past 13 years and make it accessible and fun for normal people like you.

Wine is for everyone, and I really believe that if you're a wine lover, learning more about wine will make your life better!


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