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Wishing you could rock the wine aisle like you do the Starbucks menu, knowing you're getting exactly what you want?

Want to feel confident you brought an amazing bottle at the next dinner party?

Sick of feeling like an idiot when you try to talk about wine?

  • You love wine but can never really describe what you like
  • You want to feel competent when you talk about wine
  • You've done tasting before and been to vineyards, but nothing has stuck

The thing is, wine is a totally achievable thing to learn, but you've got to be taught the right way.

Hey, I'm Caroline!

I'm a wine coach devoted to demystifying this siptacular subject.

I know it's intimidating, the wine scene is super snobby and feels like its designed to make us feel awkward.

That's why, after more than a decade in the wine trade, I became a wine teacher. I moved to France from California and set up a business teaching wine to tourists.

Since March, while tourism's been in a covid-coma, I've developed online programs to teach you everything you need to know about wine to be confident and competent.

My radical approach to wine education is rooted in two things: making it easy, and giving you great results that are achievable at home.

You can be cool and confident about wine.

beginner wine courses

Imagine being able to shop for wine, knowing what you can expect to find in the bottle.

When you go into a wine shop, you can have a real conversation about what you're looking for with the girl behind the counter, and she helps you find something you really love.

At the supermarket you aren't just buying cause there's a bird on the label. Yes, that bird is cute, but you choose this wine because you understood description on the back, and it sounds like something you want to try.


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Taste at Home

I'll show you everything you need to set up a proper wine tasting at home.

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Compare Different Wines

You'll learn to pick apart the differences between wines

wine tasting note

Write a Wine Tasting Note

By the end of the training, you'll have written 4 wine tasting notes!

How does it work?

I want you to be able to enjoy your tasting when it works for you, which is why I've pre-recorded this wine training and created all the materials you'll need to do it successfully.

You'll get instant access as soon as you sign up, with a link to the workshop which includes:

  • Swirl, Sip, SlayΒ 
    • This 20 minute video will guide you through everything you need to start tasting with confidence.
      • I'll show you how to set up your tasting
      • Describe different wines
      • You'll get to hear me describe a wine as smelling like "someone farted a mango"
  • Shopping List (spoiler alert: you'll need a Pinot Grigio, an Oaked Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir, and a Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • Wine Tasting Worksheet
  • My Signature Wine Aroma Chart
  • 4 Repour Wine Savers sent straight to your door so you don't waste a drop!

Learning wine should be

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If you wanna learn about wine...

You've got to taste!

That's why I've developed a new method for doing educational tastings at home.

I work with Repour Wine Saver

and send you wine stoppers that protect your wine for days, weeks, or even months!


Learn How to Taste Wine!

If you love wine but never seem to make progress with understanding it, this workshop is for you.

Register now to get immediate access to the wine tasting!

On sale for just $49 down from $99!

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