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Can wine go bad? ?

This is THE question everyone has been asking me. And I’m finally answering it!

In this blog, we talk about wine aging, tools to prevent your wine from going bad, and more!

Have you ever experienced bad wine?


I’ll be tackling all your questions about sweet wine such as:

What is sweet wine?
How can you tell the difference between dry wine and sweet wine?
How do I identify sweet wine?
Does dry wine mean sweet?
Which wine is better: sweet or dry?

Plus so much more!

21 Virtual Wine Tastings Hosted by Vineyards, Experts, and Winemakers from Around the World — Including a Live Zoom Tasting with Sarah Jessica Parker

I was included in this super cool list by Business Insider–Right alongside Sarah Jessica Parker! These fun and free tastings are hosted by Caroline, a British-American sommelier living in France. She typically hosts small group wine workshops in her gorgeous loft apartment in Lyon’s Croix-Rousse, but has moved her tasting experiences online. -Hannah Freedman

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