Virtual Wine Tastings

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Social Distancing at its Finest

Why Virtual Tastings?

Getting together is tough these days, and virtual wine tastings are a great way to share a fun activity when far apart.

Zoom Wine Tastings

How does it work?

I take you through a wine tasting class using whatever wines you have available, or wines that we choose together beforehand.

Custom Experiences

What do I drink?

Either you drink whatever you have, (it really doesn't matter!) or I advise you of wines you can purchase online for your group.


Naples, Italy

Really great and quick course on wine tasting for beginners. Great for couples and friends. We did it on zoom with Caroline with our own bottle of wine and she taught us what to look for with a wine and how to understand what we were tasting. I recommend it to everyone!


British Columbia, Canada

What a great idea to share a virtual wine tasting with people from around the world. Caroline shared wonderful tips on how to taste and evaluate wine as well as sharing information about each of the wines! Caroline is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about wine and her enthusiasm is contagious. Well done, Caroline!


New Haven, CT, USA

My friends and I did a virtual wine tasting from our homes in U.S. Iā€™m a novice and Caroline kept her lessons shade free and was able to connect with everyone and help us understand and appreciate more about the wines we were drinking. Thankful to have fun activities in these quarantine times.

Your expert wine teacher

Caroline Conner is a qualified wine educator with over a decade of experience in the wine trade.

She holds the prestigious Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 4 Diploma, and has honed her teaching skills through her in-person business Lyon Wine Tastings. She is currently studying to become a Master of Wine.

Caroline's approach is direct, she teaches you how to analyze wine, no matter what is in your glass. She's committed to making wine approachable and fun.

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Virtual Wine Tastings

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