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Everything You Need to Know About Wine

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Wine to be confident and curious for the rest of your life with my epic 6-module wine course.

My signature course is comprehensive and covers grapes, countries, wine production, and more.

Swirl, Sip, Slay

Sign up for this practical wine tasting class to expand your palate and deepen your love for wine.

I give you easy instructions for how to set up your own wine tasting, so you'll be well on your way to speaking wine in no time.

Valentine's Day LIVE

I'll be doing a live and FREE V-day special with my friend, tarot teacher Sabrina Scott.

We'll open with my rosé masterclass and then Sabrina will teach us about the love cards in the deck, and how to do better love readings.

This is free and will be super fun!



9 Essential Wine Types Ebook

Curious about the different styles of wine?

This jam-packed e-book teaches you all about the 9 major styles of wine. I cover whites, reds, rosés, sparkling, fortified, and dessert wines with plenty of explanations and examples.

Stay tuned for new wine courses!

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