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Curious about wine? Check out these practical wine tips and tricks. Caroline's short wine videos answer common questions with her no-nonsense, super accessible style.

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What is a Sommelier in 2021?


I am going to teach you everything you need to know about the mysterious job of a sommelier: what's a typical day like for a sommelier? How to become one? And should you trust a sommelier? All the answers are here!
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How to Taste Wine – CONFIDENCE – Part 4

Learn how to taste wine with confidence by synthesizing the three key components of sight, smell, and taste.
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How to Taste Wine – TASTE – Part 3

Read all about how to TASTE wine. It's all about the palate sending information to your brain, and then writing down the components!
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How to Taste Wine – SMELL – Part 2

Learn how to SMELL wine during a tasting! I will teach you how to pick up the aromas in wine, and how to interpret and record them.
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How to Taste Wine – SIGHT – Part 1

This series will help you taste wine like a pro. Part 1 looks at how to set up a wine tasting, and how to observe and record your findings.
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How is Wine Made?

I will tell you all about how wine is made, the differences between making red and white wines, and about the creativity of the wine makers.
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Do you ever feel like a total dork, nodding along at words like "bouquet" and "dry"? How can wine be dry when it's like... wet?

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