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Learn all about wine with my simple and short wine videos and blog posts. My wine tips & tricks are useful, they’re the questions I’m asked every day by curious wine drinkers hoping to learn more about this mysterious world of wine. Have a wine question you want answered? Get in touch!

what is dry wine

What is Dry Wine?

In this post I’ll talk about dry wine, its fermentation process, and how it is technically classified.
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Tannins in Wine

In this post I’ll talk about tannins in wine, how those tannins are managed, and how they affect food pairings.
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is wine vegan

Is Wine Vegan?

Discover why a lot of wine is not vegan, and how to source vegan wines. Make sure to get your downloadable vegan wine guide!
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how long does wine last video

How Long Does Wine Last?

How long does a bottle of wine last once it’s been opened? I explain what happens to your wine and how you can extend its…
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