Wine Tips & Tricks

Curious about wine? Check out these practical wine tips and tricks. Caroline's short wine videos answer common questions with her no-nonsense, super accessible style.

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How is Wine Made?

I will tell you all about how wine is made, the differences between making red and white wines, and about the creativity of the wine makers.
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Wine Sweetness

Wine sweetness is commonly misunderstood. Click to read all about how sweet wines are made, measured, and marketed.
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How to Use a Corkscrew

This is how to open wine with a corkscrew. There are corkscrews that are good and others that are bad. Get the deets here.
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Wine Alcohol Content

Wine alcohol content--all about why different wines have different alcohol contents.
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How Long Does Screw Top Wine Last Unopened?

How long does screw top wine last unopened? Here is all you need to know about screw top wine.
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What is Vintage Wine?

What is vintage wine? What does vintage wine mean?
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Do you ever feel like a total dork, nodding along at words like "bouquet" and "dry"? How can wine be dry when it's like... wet?

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