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Curious about wine? Check out these practical wine tips and tricks. Caroline's short wine videos answer common questions with her no-nonsense, super accessible style.

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wine is racist

Colonialism, Racism, and Wine

Colonialism, wine, and racism.
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what is natural wine

What is Natural Wine?

What is natural wine? Learn what "natural wine" means here.
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how long does wine last video

How Long Does Wine Last?

How long does a bottle of wine last once it's been opened? I explain what happens to your wine and how you can extend its life.
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sulfites in wine

Sulfites in Wine: Are Sulfites Bad for You?

Sulfites in Wine: Are they bad for you? In this video I will share why sulfites are fine and everyone needs to calm down.
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what is the best wine temperature?

What is the best wine temperature?

What is the best wine temperature? Learn about wine serving temperature. Red wine, white wine, ideal wine temperature.
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how long should you age wine?

How Long Should You Age Wine?

Wine gets better as it gets older, right? How long should you age wine?
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