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Curious about wine? Check out these practical wine tips and tricks. Caroline's short wine videos answer common questions with her no-nonsense, super accessible style.

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Old World vs New World Wine

Old World vs New World is outdated colonial language for wine. Let's talk about it.
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Can I Put an Ice Cube in my Wine?

In this post I will talk about why it's totally okay to put ice cubes in wine, what happens to the wine when you put ice cubes into it, and why snobs need to shut up.
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what is dry wine

What is Dry Wine?

In this post I'll talk about dry wine, its fermentation process, and how it is technically classified.
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Tannins in Wine

In this post I'll talk about tannins in wine, how those tannins are managed, and how they affect food pairings.
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is wine vegan

Is Wine Vegan?

Discover why a lot of wine is not vegan, and how to source vegan wines. Make sure to get your downloadable vegan wine guide!
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wine is racist

Colonialism, Racism, and Wine

Colonialism, wine, and racism.
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Do you ever feel like a total dork, nodding along at words like "bouquet" and "dry"? How can wine be dry when it's like... wet?

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