How Long Does Screw Top Wine Last Unopened?

So what’s the deal with these bottle tops?

Screw top wine made its first appearance in the 1970s. Australia and Swiss wine companies began marketing no-cork bottles with a closure system under the brand name Stelvin. Even screw top bottles that were not made in this exact style were dubbed “stelvin” bottles, which is still how some people refer to the closure.

As you probably know, it took quite some time for screw top wine to become popular but by the 2000s, Australia and New Zealand shifted hard towards screw top wine bottles. This was for the simple reason that good cork was harder to come by. Most European wineries already had good deals with high quality cork tree harvesting companies, so it was easier for Australian and New Zealand to skip the cork all together.

Now, you can find screw top wine almost anywhere, but most commonly in non-European wines. In places such as France, screw top wine is harder to find. On a technical level, they and other European wine makers would have to totally reinvest in new machinery and bottling processes. The changeover seems unlikely for the time being.

There are some great reasons why I love screw top wine

screw top wine bottles

Screw top wine is AWESOME.

Firstly, the bottles are easy to use–you literally just twist! Secondly, they are GREAT for picnics… I don’t know about ya’ll but, I’ve definitely been that person who has forgotten to bring a cork screw to that family picnic, so… yeah… And lastly, screw tops eliminate any possibility of cork taint.

A lot of consumers have been brainwashed into thinking that screw top wine must be low quality and therefor inferior to corked wine, but this is just a myth.


How long does screw top wine last?

Well, that depends on how you treat it and how it’s meant to be aged. In general, it actually lasts longer than corked wine. The screw top itself will not hurt the wine as it ages inside the bottle. The top completely removes the faults that can be caused by corks.

As with any wine though, make sure you always keep your wine away from light, in a cool place with minimal temperature fluctuation.

But as I always say, there is absolutely NO REASON to age your wine. It is ready for consumption RIGHT NOW.

screw top wine bottle

9 thoughts on “How Long Does Screw Top Wine Last Unopened?”

  1. I have a Meiomi wine that may be 7-8 months old. It has a screw cap and is a Pinot Noir. It was on the top shelf in my pantry on its side. Is it still drinkable and will it be good ?

  2. I found 3 bottles of screw cap white wine in a wine rack at a relatives house, they are dated 2002 and 2009. they were stored out of direct sunlight but still in an open room. I presume they will no longer be drinkable? Any guidance is appreciated. They will be supermarket wines.

  3. I have a 2012 bottle of Pinot Grigio with a screw top that has been in my pantry in my kitchen. Do you think it’s any good? I’m not into Pino or I would have had it gone back in 2012!

  4. I have a Small and Small 2018 Sauvignon Blanc unopened and a Laughing Bird 2016 Chardonnay unopened .
    I know they were given to me and I don’t drink white wine or know anything about it
    Are they drinkable or better for cooking
    Many thanks 🙏

  5. So… how long? I found a case of four glass 4 liter jugs of Carlo Rossi wine in my wife’s aunt’s basement, In a very moderate climate. They look clear to me but there seems to be no date code. I have no idea how long except there is a stamp on the top of the box, (12) 89A. The box does not say Carlo Rossi, it just says finest quality California wine. Any help would be appreciated.

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