Let’s dive into the topic of how much a bottle of wine weighs and the factors that contribute to the weight of a wine bottle.

So, how much does a bottle of wine really weigh?

The standard bottle of wine, which is 700mL is about 2.6 pounds or 1.2 kilos. But, the weight will vary widely due to the different sizes of bottles, a Magnum is going to be heavier than a normal bottle. A half bottle is gonna be heavier, a Jeroboam, which is very large is going to be even heavier.

The reality is: a heavier wine means more of a carbon footprint. ?

The glass is also going to change and be a factor in determining the weight of a bottle. Right now, we are in a moment where these big, super heavy, thick glass bottles, that used to be trendy and some wine producers still cling to, are becoming a thing of the past.Glass is really carbon expensive to recycle, and imagine shipping super heavy bottles of wine around the world, this is quite detrimental to the environment.

What should we support in terms of packaging?

Back in the day, a big, thick, heavy bottle was a sign of prestige (?). Right now, in my opinion, I say forget about that and do not support it. Period. We don’t want heavy bottles. We want lighter bottles, we want glass getting thinner, we want new alternative packaging that’s actually sustainable.

So, as you can tell, I am not team heavy bottle. Yes, there is something satisfying about it but it is not good for the environment so f*ck that! We don’t need that, I repeat, we don’t need it. Be open-minded about alternative packaging. ♻️

I’m really into cans, Tetra Pack (that’s like a cardboard box), pouches, bag in a box. If you put good wine in a bag, it’s still a good wine. So be open-minded, consider the options, and if we as consumers demand more sustainable packaging, the producers will follow.

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