How Long Does Wine Last?

So what happens when you open a bottle of wine?

To be honest wine goes bad pretty quickly–most within two or three days after opening.

In my video about sulfites, the yeast in the wine is ready to take it from grape juice to vinegar as soon as that bottle opens. Essentially, when you pop that cork, oxidation occurs. This dulls the flavour and sparks production of acids and formaldehyde (which makes the wine smell like nail polish or rubbing alcohol).

Oxidation can be slowed down by keeping your open wine in the refrigerator. After around three days, it will have lost a lot of its fruitiness and interesting flavours.

You can, however, cook with old wine. Try putting it into ice cube trays and freezing it so that you can use the cubes for future yummy dishes.

woman drinking an open bottle of red wine

Tools for keeping vino fresh

A Coravin is one of the best tools on the market for keeping wine fresh. First, the needle stabs the cork. Then, the device pumps argon gas into the bottle, while pulling air out. A Coravin can keep the wine fresh for months or even years. The one drawback is the price–even the cheapest models are around $200 or so and the add-ons that need frequent replacing are also expensive. That is why Coravins are used most often by experts and sellers.

Another tool you may have heard of is a Vacu Vin. These suck out oxygen and are very cheap–only around $12 a piece. The only drawback is that they only add an extra couple of days to your wine’s lifespan.

how long does wine last - repour

My favourite preservation tool is called Repour. A Repour is a little stopper that you put into the bottle that absorbs the oxygen within. It will keep your wine fresh for months. Each Repour only last for one use, but they are recyclable and not overly expensive.

If you are looking to do your own comparative tastings, this is a wonderful tool to start with. I love this product and use it all the time.

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