How Long Does Wine Last?

How long can you keep wine?

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Open Wine

Today, we’re going to talk about how long an open bottle lasts. How long does it usually last in your house? So look, sorry to bust your bubble, but wine goes bad pretty quickly. As I mentioned before in my video about sulfites, wine is on the path from grape juice to vinegar and the second you open it back up again, it is going back on that journey to go bad basically.

So what happens when you open a bottle of wine?

You are exposing it to oxygen. So one of the first things that’s going to start happening is oxidation. Oxidation will dull your fruit flavors and also spark the production of acetic acid and acetaldehyde, which will make your wine go from being fruity and vibrant to being a little bit like nail polish. It’s just gross.

All of these processes are slowed down by cold. So keeping your open wine in the refrigerator will make it last a little longer. Personally, I think an open bottle is good for about three days. I think after that, it’s lost a lot of its fruitiness and it’s not that interesting anymore. But it’s totally fine to cook with old wines, so often I will keep the old wine that I have and cook with it.

A fun tip is that you can put wine in ice cube trays and freeze it and then you can have little cubes of frozen wine for cooking with.

So luckily, we also have a few really great tools for keeping wine fresh.

This is a Coravin. It is a needle that stabs a cork and then it pumps argon gas into the bottle and pulls wine out of it. I’m not going to show you how it works because it takes forever. This is what a bottle looks like after it’s been Coravin. As you can see, it’s not full, but it’s still sealed. The cork is still in here, I’ve still got the foil around it and it’s going to be fine like this for months, even years. The Coravin was actually developed for collectors to test their bottles and see if they were drinking well.

Now, the big problem with Coravin is that they’re really expensive. This is the cheap one and it costs me over €200. The argon inside is also pretty expensive too and each little canister costs about $10. For the average consumer, it’s probably not a practical price point.

A tool you’ve probably seen is a Vacu Vin, which uses this little rubber stopper and then this guy. These are really cheap. They’re about $12 and this sucks the oxygen out of the bottle. It’s okay, it’ll give you an extra day or two. I think they work pretty well, but they’re not going to do a great deal towards keeping your wine.

My favorite preservation tool

how long does wine last

Now, there’s a brand new tool out there that I am super, super excited about called Repour. A Repour is a little stopper that you put into the bottle and then it actually absorbs the oxygen. So inside of this is a blend of different chemicals that suck out the oxygen and they work really, really well. This will keep your wine fresh for months. It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty crazy. They’re single use, so you can go in and out of one bottle per Repour. But they are recyclable.

I think this is a really great tool for doing your own comparative tastings. If you want to learn about wine, that’s what you have to do. So I think Repour is awesome. I’m super, super excited about this product and it’s something that I see myself using a lot.

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