How to Order Wine Online

I know everyone is scrambling to order wine online these days because of *ahem*… that which shall not be named… So I made a quick video to help you navigate this crazy world of buying wine online!

Online wine sales have been going up year after year, even before the pandemic. As more and more people do all their shopping on the world wide web, retailers are catching up. 

Here are my top tips for buying wine online, as well as a few examples of recommended wines for different wine preferences and palettes.

1. Find a great website where you can buy wine online

Americans, make sure that this website can ship to your state! Having the correct state inputted before ordering will keep you from putting things into your basket that aren’t available to you.

Some great places to order wine online in the US:

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Some great places to order wine online in the UK:

Some great places to order wine online in Canada:

Some great places to order wine online in Australia:

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2. Ignore online wine reviews, but do NOT ignore wine awards

Always remember: people are stupid, and what one person likes might not be your cup of tea. While you should absolutely ignore your peers, don’t ignore awards.

Wine websites should say if something has won an award. Awards are legit and are given after wines are judged by huge groups of experts. Things like points that are awarded by famous wine experts or magazines are legit too.

3. Price matters when you order wine online

Next, own your price point. Most wine websites have the ability to sort by price category. Start there so you don’t go overboard.

Sales are a great way to get more expensive wine for less. They’re mostly just a way to keep product moving or promote a certain brand or region, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Shipping wine can get really expensive, so if your chosen website has membership deals, they can often pay for themselves within a couple drops. 

4. Shop wine by style

If the site has a search function for style that’s a great place to start. They make also have an online chat service. I used to do this for, for example, and people had all sorts of questions.

What styles of wine are you into? Tell me in the comments and I’ll recommend some specifics for you.

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Ultimately, the best way to get great wine online is also the same best way to get great wine in real life, it’s to learn what you like, then learn what’s like that, and gradually build out your personal wine universe. 

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