What is the best wine temperature?

Wine serving temperature is a subject with a lot of noise, so let’s be realistic for a hot second. Want to know what temperature to serve your wine at when you’re at home? Watch this video.

Wine Serving Temperature

If you actually care, the real answer is that bubbles should be between 5-10 degrees, whites should be between 7-14, and reds should be between 17-21.  That’s celcius.

Guess what, I don’t care at all about wine temperature.

If you’re thinking, who the hell is this woman disregarding what all the other wine experts are saying? I’m legit, check me out.

For more controversial opinions and wine irreverence, check out last week’s video on aging wine!

Whites fresh from the fridge are too cold, but like, what are you going to do? They will warm up just fine after a few minutes in the glass.

wine tasting temperature

And guess what else, red wines are too warm at room temp, but again, what are you going to do? I just drink mine fresh from the counter. No biggie. It’s just wine.

Some reds with very few tannins like Beaujolais are perfectly delightful when chilled, try it sometime!

Ultimately, we all have to remember that home is not a Michelin starred restaurant. I think it’s better to roll with what I’ve got than worry about buying a super expensive wine fridge or caring at all about perfect wine serving temperature.

And guess what, it’s totally fine to pop in that ice cube if you really want to!

The best wine temperature is whatever the best you can do is. Your wine will be just fine.

Wine Temperature TRANSCRIPT

Does it really matter? Hi, this is Wine Dine Caroline, and you’re watching Learn Wine With Caroline. Want more of my awesome wine tips and tricks? Like this video and subscribe to my channel to stay tuned. Also follow me on Instagram at WineDineCaroline. I’m a wine teacher with more than a decade of experience in the wine industry and a fancy wine diploma. And today I’m going to tell you about wine serving temperature. I’m always getting asked this question by my guests. What temperature should I serve my wine at? And I always have the same answer. Does it really matter? Okay, so there is a real answer to this question and we’ll get there together, but let’s just take a step back. You are a normal person. You don’t have a terrifying medieval cellar full of ghosts. You don’t have a $3,000 wine fridge. Come on. Your wine probably doesn’t sit around too long. And if it does, it probably shouldn’t.

If you’re wondering how long you should be aging your wine before you drink it, head back to last week’s video to learn more about that. Spoiler alert, don’t bother. The point is, you’re not a Michelin star restaurant. You keep your red wine out of the fridge and your whites, sparklings, and roses in it. You’re not a guy with a $5,000 wine fridge. Come on. You’re fine. Okay, so we all know that warm white wine, bubbles, and rose are gross. And the truth is that the fridge is too cold. When wines are too cold, you just can’t smell anything from them. But guess what? After a few minutes in a glass, the wine has warmed up significantly and it’s fine. Keep the bottle on ice or in the fridge or in a handy dandy wine sleeve and enjoy the release of the aromatics as the wine warms up in your glass.

As for reds, the ideal serving temperature is just below room temperature. When red wines are too warm, the booze vapors can be all you smell, and they’re not as nice. To me, room temperature is fine. Look, I’m not going to tell the guy with the $6,300 wine fridge to keep wine on the counter, but come on. For the rest of us, the counter and the fridge is just fine. If you actually care, the real answer is, the bubbles should be between 5 and 10 degrees, white should be between 7 and 14, and red should be between 17 and 21. Guess what? I don’t care at all. So thanks for tuning into my real wine talk. Make sure to like this video, subscribe to my channel and share this with all of your friends. New video will be out next week. Cheers. This is where the nightmares live.

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