Can I Put an Ice Cube in my Wine?

Pop an ice cube into that wine! No judgements here!

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Wine snobs and ice cubes

ice cubes in wine

“I can’t believe you’d put an ice cube in your wine!”

“Shame on you!”

“How DARE you dilute your wine with ice!”

These are some of the many phrases you might have heard uttered by wine snobs when you were innocently trying to cool off your wine. It’s okay! Tell them to f*** off, because ice cubes are a totally valid way to cool down your wine if your bottle has been sitting out on the table in the garden for a little longer than planned.

I mean, yeah… you probably don’t want to put ice into a grand cru burgundy or a rich rioja… but there is no harm in cooling down a sparkly white wine or a nice light beaujolais while you’re sitting out on the balcony on a warm summer evening.

What happens when the ice hits the wine?

Three things.

  1. The ice cube melts
  2. The wine gets colder
  3. The wine becomes slightly diluted.

NOT A BIG DEAL. The world has not come to an end… and now, your wine tastes cool and fresh!

Fast ways to chill your vino

For one more quick summer tip, check out these three ways to chill wine fast!

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Also have a look at the best temperature to serve your wine–hint hint… it’s not as big a deal as you might think!

chilled wine with ice cubes